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At Frux, we help technology OEMs, especially into information security, storage and performance management solutions to gain entry into newer markets with ready access to wide distribution and channel network. Frux begins by understanding organization goals and objectives, developing strategies and business plans, executing channel plans and alliance strategies to channel enablement, go-to-market plans, establishing sales infrastructure & recruitment, managing logistics, supply chain & operations and last but not the least, providing marketing and public relations support to build the brand in the market.

We offers the following services

  1. FRUX begins by developing an understanding of the Organization goals and objectives. The aim in this initial phase is to learn about the situation, the market, the challenges they face and the organization/vendor .
  2. We then define the situation (objectives) and once the consensus is reached on goals, the actual Strategy Development Phase begins
  3. Throughout the strategy development phase of our work, we rely not only on the quality of insight we develop but also our depth of experience. With extensive experience in multiple markets – from new technology to mature products, We bring a fresh perspective, new go-to-market models, and the knowledge gained from working within the existing marketing model. As part of the strategy team, we function as both a catalyst for change and a strategy reality check.
  4. Working together, we translate our insights into strategies that work by helping the vendor identify the key actions needed to implement ,to reach its stated goals
  5. Post the needs assessment and the market assessment phases, the business planning phase begins.
  1. A strong Business Plan consists of a Coverage Plan, a Recruitment and a Roll out plan for Channels. FRUX develops an effective Channel Plan to ensure that a Vendor’s entry barriers are lowered, yet the foray is at a judicious cost to the organization.
  2. FRUX then begins executing on the Channel Plan through Meeting facilitations with the identified partners. Here the partner selection and performance measurement models developed by FRUX aid the partner recruitment & management process, while keeping in mind the established coverage needs.
  3. After having Reviewed the alliance strategy in the Strategy Development Phase, we then help the Vendor engage with partner vendors to create a unique and a compelling offering.
  4. Under the enablement plan, FRUX then identifies the best-of-breed channel program models to ensure continued channel enablement and motivation
  5. Finally FRUX also undertakes Sales training (basic and advanced) for channel managers to improve engagement with, and influence over, key partnerships. This enhances the Vendor’s ability to manage Channels and sustain coverage and business growth.
  1. The key to continued growth lies in how the strategy can be assessed periodically. At any stage of business growth, the vendor connect with channels is key to ensure that the next levels of growth are reached with assured regularity.
  2. Here FRUX proposes establishing Basic key sales infrastructure so that the vendor connect with channels is consistent
  3. FRUX helps in selection and appointment of Sales/Channel Managers to ensure adequate and continued connect with end customers and partners.
  4. Frux trains and enables the recruited staff to be market ready
  5. Provides marketing and public relations support essential to a brand’s growth
  6. Manages demand generation activities and provides event management support




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